Living Generously | Looks Like

We wrapped up our series, Living Generously.  We explored what a life looks like when a person lives generously.  Our scriptural basis came from 2 Corinthians 9:6-15.  A person who lives generously is foremost a person who believes in the generosity of God.  They live out of a mindset of having abundance versus scarcity.   They have this mindset because they have come to believe, through their experiences, that their God will truly supply all their needs (and some of their wants).  They also hold their "needs" lightly.  They have come to recognize that more often than not, God is better able to determine their "needs" than they are.   The person who is free to live generously trusts God with both their wants and their needs.  They recognize that all of life is a gift.  From the first breath to the last, everything they have and are is a gift.

In recognizing that all of life is a gift, the person who lives generously responds with a life of worship-   worshiping the One who is the Giver.   This worship extends well beyond Sunday morning.  It becomes a lifestyle.  It is a lifestyle of worship uniquely tailored to each person.  Each person has a unique set of gifts (personality, talents, possessions, relationships, amount of energy, etc).  These become the storehouse out of which they can live generously.  It does no good to compare one life or set of gifts with another.  Each life lived generously will look different.  However, each will have a similar intangible sense about them.  It will be the sense of a freedom, joy, security, abundance and participation with a Power greater than themselves.

Living generously for most of us will not come overnight.  Along the journey we must be kind and gentle to ourselves.  We will falter and that is okay.  God doesn't expect us to already have mastered it.  He will be our faithful guide if we only put our hand in His.   He will show us, if we are open, where we believe in scarcity, where we lack trust, where we are fearful.  Not only will He show us where we can to grow, He will also lead us to trust and freedom.  It is God who does the work in us to remove the barriers that have kept us from living generously.  Our part is to consistently be open to God, be honest and do the footwork that He reveals.   When we do this, especially in the company of others who are doing the same, we just might be amazed to find that one day we will look at our lives and find that we too are "living generously". 

By Babs May-Clark