Living Gratefully | Being Present

We looked at how living gratefully is deeply connected with being available to to the moment.  Every moment, if we are aware and open to God's presence, is sacred.  Monday morning is just as sacred as Sunday.  Cleaning house, going to work, playing with your children/grandchildren, or going out with friends is as equally sacred as listening to a sermon, praying or reading the bible.  Every moment that we are aware of God's presence is a sacred moment.  In Acts 2 the disciples were committed to living out life together - all was sacred: their learning, fellowshipping with others, or eating together and prayer.   This living of life together, loving each other in all things (which certainly was not always easy) is how they revealed Christ to the world around them.  They lived the Good News - the Gospel bringing God's peace, His Shalom, to those around them.   

This week is Thanksgiving.  As we sit down to eat, some of us will be with family, some with friends and some alone.  Regardless of our surroundings, or who we are with, we can practice eating mindfully as a way to slow ourselves down and open ourselves to God in the present moment.  The present moment is sacred because God is in it.  In eating mindfully we slow down and become aware of the food in front of us.   We take a moment to consider it's color, texture, smell, and what it took to have it before us(the farmer, harvester, trucker, soil, rain, sunshine, etc.).  Eating mindfully grounds us in the present moment and in gratitude.  We recognize that everything is gift, from the sunshine to the farmer- all is given.  The people who surround us or their absence, is gift.  There is nothing owed us in this life - it is all a bounty of God's grace- all gift.

We can choose gratitude for what is and what was, knowing that our loving God is present and providing for us.  If we are alone or in difficult family relationships we can eat mindfully and become aware of God's presence, provision and peace.  Granted this may be difficult at times but we can experience His peace (His Shalom) as we lean into His love and grace.   It is His love and grace that sustains us - may we choose this Thanksgiving to slow down and become aware of His presence.  May we, in turn, gratefully pass this love and grace on to others. 

By Babs May-Clark