Finding Faithfulness | Seen

Sunday, July 26, we continued month seven of our nine month study on the Fruits of the Spirit.  Our focus for July is the fruit of Faithfulness.  This week we talked about how faithfulness is seen in the world. 

In John 6 Simon Peter gives us a picture of what it means to be faithful.  It happened when Jesus was teaching that His followers needed to "eat His flesh and drink His blood."  As was His style, Jesus really didn't explain Himself. 

That was just too much for most of his followers to swallow, so they left Him.  After a bit Jesus asks the 12 disciples if they also want to leave him?  Simon Peter, despite his feelings and lack of understanding, replies, “Master, to whom would we go? You have the words of real life, eternal life. We’ve already committed ourselves, confident that you are the Holy One of God.” 

That is Faithfulness - staying committed, staying the course - not out of a feeling or understanding or grudgingly, but out of trust and a deeper knowing (faith) that somehow God (who is loving and good)  has the outcome of everything in His hands.

Like Peter, the person,within whom the seed of faithfulness has sprouted, stands where they are supposed to be standing and trusts God to do the rest. 

Most often "standing" is being faithful to stand right where we are at (working mundane jobs, cleaning house, having fun, raising kids, caring for the elderly, etc.).  Faithfulness is seen in how we live our everyday life- our waking, sleeping, eating, breathing, dying.  We cannot control our own heartbeat or that of our loved ones .  We can, however,  be faithful to our "post" (our current life circumstances) and to be alive and awake to what God is doing around us.  We can learn to be fully alive to the present moment as it is in the moment given to us by God.  All we have is this one moment.  

If we learn to be open to God in the moment and embrace Reality as it is, faithfulness will be seen. 

By Babs May-Clark