Sacred Journey - Eucharist

This past Sunday we had family communion Sunday.  We continued our year-long exploration into relationships.  The very first "communion meal" was fraught with complex relationships (check out John 13).   There was betrayal, posturing for position, sadness and yet also there was deep joy and love.  Throughout it all, Jesus modeled for us what it means to be in relationship with the Father and with others.  He opened Himself to the will of the Father and to the choices of others.  For example, He didn't try and force Judas to make another choice about betraying him, but rather Jesus said to him, "go and do what you must."  Jesus showed us that we can love in every moment- even the most challenging ones.  He was able to love and remain open to relationship because He was grounded in who He was to the Father, who He was to others, and who He was to Himself.  First, He knew He was the beloved of God (Matt 3:17, 17:5).  Second, He knew He was the Light and Way to the Father (John 8:12, 14:6).  And third, He knew that He was in the Father and the Father was in Him (John 17:21,10:30).

Granted, we aren't Jesus.  But as we allow ourselves to be formed by the Spirit, we too can  begin to live and love as He did.  Our progress may be slow and imperfect but it will be sure if we continue the course of being open, aware and receptive to the Spirit.  We can love and remain open to relationship as we accept the invitation to follow Jesus' modeling and ground ourselves in who we are to the Father, who we are others, and who we are to ourselves.  The truths, for us as humans, about these three invitations, are strikingly similar to Jesus'.  First, we are the beloved of God (John 15, Psm. 103).  Second, we are "Light bearers" and "Way-pointers" to God (John 5:14).   And third, we are in God and He is in us (John 17:21-22).  

I think the difference between us and Jesus is that He actually believed and trusted these truths.  Our challenge is to daily create rhythms and practices that move us in the direction of belief and trust.  

Reflect this week:  
I am the beloved of God
I am a  "Light bearer" and "Way-pointer" to God
I am in God and He is in me

By Babs May-Clark