Advent - Joy

This past Sunday was the third week of Advent.  The word Advent comes from the Latin root 'adventus,' which means "arrival" or "to come."  During this season we are invited to slow down and become aware of God's love and grace that surrounds and sustains us. 

This third week of Advent the candle of Joy is lit.  This week you are invited to seek out and experience Joy.  Regardless of our external circumstances, Joy can be found in our lives if we are willing to pursue it.  Joy can be thought of as the assurance and presence of God and His good will toward us.   If we allow the truth of His presence and love for us to soak into the very essence of our beings, we find that even in the most difficult circumstances we can find joy.  It's a joy that sustains us because we learn to see God's affection for us reflected in the beauty of a sunrise, a child's laugh, dew on the grass, trees that sparkle with lights, and family who gather around(and even at times perturb us).  His love is reflected in all the perfect imperfections that surround us- if only we have eyes to see it.   When we accept those imperfections in our lives, and yet believe in the love of God working all things for good we find joy. 

Reflection for this week:
How am I hindering Joy in my life?
How am I inviting Joy further into my life?

By Babs May-Clark