Relationship The Source

Sunday we began our 2016 series on relationships.  For the month of January we will explore the the concept of God being the source of all relationship.  God is relational in nature.  As Christians we believe that God exists as Father, Son and Spirit.  Three in One.  This is not an easy concept to grasp, but it's critically important as we look at relationships.  God is and always exists as "we/us" versus "I/me."   God knows what it is to be in relationship.  He created us in His image- He declared us"good" and made us for relationship- with each other and Himself (Genesis 1). 

The Trinity models for us healthy relationship.  Richard of Saint Victor said, “For God to be good, God can be one. For God to be loving, God has to be two because love is always a relationship.” But his real breakthrough was saying that “For God to be supreme joy and happiness, God has to be three.” Lovers do not know full happiness until they both delight in the same thing, like new parents with the ecstasy of their first child.  The relationship of the Trinity can be seen as a waterwheel (or circle dance) where each partner equally and fully pours out their love and life to the other, who in turn empty's themself into a third. 

As God's beloved children, we have the Spirit living in us.  As such, we are continually being invited into the dance (or waterwheel) of receiving and giving this self emptying love.   Unfortunately, especially in Western Culture with all our self promoting, we often are numb to (or forget) the truth that we are part of that endless circle of relationship.  We numb ourselves to this truth in at least two ways.  First, we live in the false notion of our separateness.  We live and believe the lie that we are separate from God and our fellow human beings.  Second, we are driven by and cling to our own agendas instead of embracing God's.   When we engage in either of these deviations form the truth, our relationship with God and others becomes self focused and dysfunctional.  God's reality and ongoing invitation to us is to awaken to and live in the reality of our unity with Him and all of creation.  At any moment we can once again turn our attention to God's "waterwheel/dance" that is always present and allow ourselves to be caught up in the relationship of the trinity.   And then, in turn, let that self emptying love flow from us into the world around us. 

Reflect this Week:
How awake am I to the reality of my intimate union with God? 

Invitation to prayer:
I trust your Presence
Above me to love me,
Beside me to guide me,
Behind me to find me,
Before me to lure me,
Beneath me to keep me,
Within me to win me.

By Babs  May-Clark