Relationship The Source

In 2016 Journey will be exploring "relationship."   For the month of January we will explore the concept of God being the source of all relationship.  God is relational in nature.  As Christians we believe that God exists as Father, Son and Spirit.  Three in One - the Trinity.  We often picture God as one of these distinct entities rather than as the relationship or "life force" that exists between the three.  Granted, picturing a concrete being is much more appealing to our own egos and significantly easier to understand.  However, if we keep our understanding of God limited to the concrete, we miss out on much of the mystery and power of God. 

George Lucas' Star Wars can help us expand our understanding.   All analogies have limitations and God is not "The Force" in Star Wars. However, if we can be open, maybe we can find a useful analogy.  That said.... Obi-Wan Kenobi explained the force this way, "Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field....It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together."  There is a life "force"/energy that creates and is in all living things.  This life force, we believe, is God (John 1, Genesis 1).  He is the force that is surrounding, penetrating and binding all life and galaxies together.  This "life force" can be understood as the living expression of the relationship that is constantly flowing among the members of the Trinity.

Much like the Jedi we are invited to join in the flow of the "force," the ongoing movement of God that constantly surrounds us.  Our difficulty, like the Jedi's, is that too often we get distracted and/or don't believe that God's "force" / God's presence is actually with us.  We allow our circumstances and the input of our concrete senses to overwhelm us.  When we do this, we end up flounderingon our own - often resulting in a host of negative emotions and actions (anxiety, depression, anger, addictions, greed, etc). 

Fortunately, unlike Star Wars, God's life force (because He is love) is always inviting us into love, healing and wholeness.  And precisely because He is a continuous outpouring of relationship we can, without shame or guilt, tap into His life force over and over again.  We can also however, dismiss His invitation and be drawn into attempts to live life on our own, which creates for us a whole host of pain and "darkness."  In this world we are also faced with the darkness that others have created or chosen.  It is then, despite the circumstances around us,  when we stay connected to God's life force, we find that He, through us, becomes light in the darkness, peace for the anxious, healing for the wounded, hope for those in despair, and love for the unloved.   
Reflect this Week:
If God is a "force" constantly surrounding me- how can I open myself to Him?

By Babs May-Clark