Relationship The Source

In January we explored the concept of God being the source of all relationship.  God exists in relationship.  As Father, Christ (Son), and the Spirit, God eternally exists in a relationship.  We are created in His image, so we too, in our true selves, exist in relationship.  The image (what I like to call the "spark of the Spirit") that dwells in each of us unites us to the life and relationship that is God.  Colossians 3 tells us that our life is "hidden with Christ in God."  We are not separate.  We are part of that ongoing life and relationship that is God's.  

In last weeks musings we talked about the "great illusion," that we are separate from that life flow and relationship.  One of the purposes of institutionalized religion is to help us become awake to/aware of the reality that our life is not separated from God.  Our behavior (good, bad, or indifferent) cannot separate us from God.  God has declared that there is nothing - absolutely nothing- that can separate us from His love (read Romans 8).  This is the reality.  What does falter however, is our awareness, trust and belief in this reality.  

Anthony DeMello puts it this way,  " Spirituality is actually a matter of who we are, of becoming what we are, of seeing who we are.  Even though we may have acted honestly, vainly, insanely, unjustifiably, or cruelly, we are saved by realizing what we have not realized thus far.  When we discover that our essence is unique and unchangeable, that our self is what it has always been by God's grace, we arrive at our spiritual self.  We will not be desperate for air, life, or God once we have attained the awareness we already possess them."

The journey we are invited on by the Trinity is to to discover what is already given.  Not something "out there;" rather something "in here."  Buried in each of us is the treasure of greatest worth (our true selves- our unique life hidden with Christ in God).  All we need to do is accept the invitation, take His hand and follow Him on the journey. 

Reflect this Week:
Have I accepted the invitation? 

By Babs May-Clark