Relationship - The Call

Over the course of this year we will be exploring relationships.

In January we looked at the source of all relationship, the relationship that exists between the Father, Son and Spirit. In February we "dethroned Cupid," and dismantled the notion that relationship is based on emotion and self fulfillment.  In March we are looking at "The Call"-   the invitation of God to the "contemplative mind/life."    The invitation to the  contemplative life is an invitation to an interior journey.  It is a journey that takes us to the very heart and soul of our being - to the place where we began, where we are still united with God and all creation.   In each of us is the "divine DNA" from which we were created- His image and likeness.  His image and likeness uniquely expressed as us.    

As we go through this earthly journey, our ego ("calculating mind") begins to set itself in opposition to our heart and soul.  Richard Rohr puts it this way: "the egocentric perspective/ "the calculating mind," sees everything through the lens of its own private needs and hurts, angers and memories.  The soul-centric perspective/"the contemplative mind" knows, understands, accepts, and sees correctly, widely, and wisely."   The Ego defines itself as what it is against and is steeped in the negative.  The contemplative mind however is nourished by acceptance, beauty, truth and love.  Unfortunately, our human minds have a scientifically proven bent toward the negative.  Negative thoughts stick while positive ones fade away.  This is where the invitation to answer God's call to the contemplative life through silence and solitude can actually be of great benefit.  It is in the stillness of being with God -without words- that we can begin to enlarge our capacity for acceptance and hold onto the positive, beautiful and lovely experiences of life. 

As we consistently engage in contemplative practices (silence, solitude, centering prayer, lectio divina, etc.), we reconnect with the center of our being - the place where God always resides-waiting, longing, loving.  When this place becomes our "home base" from which we live, our lives are transformed .  

Reflect this Week:
Where is my "home base"?

By Babs May-Clark