Relationship - The Call to the Contemplative Mind

This month we are being invited to accept God’s call to the contemplative life.  The practice of centering prayer is a gateway to the contemplative life.  In centering prayer (CP), we make space to simply be with God.  We take the time to detach from our ego, incessant thinking, and our judging mind to be open and simply receive from God.  Our only agenda in centering prayer is to be open to the love and presence of God within.   

Our culture tries to convince us that if we are still we are wasting time.  In God’s viewpoint, however, nothing is further from the truth.  It is in being still that we discover who we truly are and what we are to be about.  We discover that there is a God, and we are not Him.  We discover that we are connected to God and each other at the very core of our being.  As we move out of times of stillness we find that often we have clarity of direction and a greater ability to handle life’s difficulties than before.   The invitation of stillness and prayer without word is an invitation to participate in the very relationship of God - without thinking or doing, yet fully participating (how wonderfully freeing that is!).  Stillness via Centering Prayer is a counter-cultural invitation to heart of God and to the heart of ourselves.
Reflect this week: 
Stillness (by John O' Donohue)
Stillness is vital to the world of the soul.
If, as you age, you become more still you will discover that stillness can be a great companion.
The fragments of your life will have time to unify,
the places where your soul shelter is wounded and broken will have time to knit and heal.
You will be able to return to yourself.
In this stillness, you will engage your soul.
Many people miss out on themselves completely as they journey through life.
They know others, they know places, they know skills, they know their work, but tragically, they do not know themselves at all.

By Babs May-Clark