Relationship: Being Present

This past Sunday, as part of a pulpit exchange, Pastor Sean preached at Sanctuary Church.  And we had the privilege of having Sanctuary's Pastor, David Beck, with us at Journey.  He talked about two biblical passages from the book of John (chapter 4 and 19:28).  In both of the passages, it is inferred that Jesus was thirsty.  In John 4, John records Jesus' interaction with a Samaritan woman at a well in which Jesus asks her for a drink of water.  Similarly, as Jesus was on the cross, some of His last words were, "I thirst."  As with much of Jesus' life and ministry; perhaps there is more to these spoken words than the mere physical thirst of Jesus. 
    Mother Teresa understood Jesus’ “I thirst” as a very personal statement spoken to every individual today, at every moment of their life. She said Jesus is constantly awaiting our response to His thirst. Near the end of her life, in a letter to all of the Missionaries of Charity sisters, she made a passionate appeal to draw closer to the thirst of Jesus and take His statement “I Thirst” more seriously in their daily lives.  She felt that His thirst for us is something much deeper than merely Jesus saying "I love you."  She said, "Until you know deep inside that Jesus thirsts for you—you can’t begin to know who He wants to be for you, or who He wants you to be for Him." * 
    Once we experience God's unquenchable thirst for us, we can allow that thirst to direct and transform our lives.   In his tribute to Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II described this key to Mother Teresa's mission and inspiration: "Her mission began every day, before the silence of contemplation, Mother Teresa of Calcutta heard the echo of Jesus' cry on the Cross: 'I thirst.' This cry received in the depths of her heart, spurred her to seek out Jesus in the poor, the abandoned, and the dying on the streets of Calcutta and to all the ends of the earth." Perhaps we too can taketime to contemplate the words of Jesus, "I thirst," first for ourselves, and then for the world around us.

Reflect this week on either:
1. Jesus words to you--- "I thirst"  or  
2. Do you thirst for Jesus?

(*Thank you to Edward P. Sri's for his insights on Mother Teresa)

By Babs May-Clark