Integrated Life: Easter

This past Sunday we celebrated Easter.  I was out early in the morning before Church and was thinking about resurrection and how it impacts our lives and I wanted to share some of that with you.  Historically Easter celebrates Jesus' resurrection from the dead.  The Webster Dictionary definition of "resurrect" is: 1) to bring (a dead person) back to life; 2)to cause (something that had ended or been forgotten or lost) to exist again, to be used again, etc..  The resurrection of Jesus wasn't only about Jesus being physically resurrected (brought back from the dead), but also about this Jesus now being much more than just the human who walked the earth for 33 years.  He was now "Jesus the Christ" (the "Cosmic Christ"), fully God who was with the Father and Spirit at the beginning of creation.  Yet now, somehow, more understandable and accessible to all.  It was through death that this new understanding and life was brought about.  
      This death-to-life cycle portrayed in Jesus' story echoes throughout creation as well.  Winter gives way to Spring.  Seeds die to bring new growth.  The earth lies dormant before new crops sprout.  The same is true in our lives.  Things in our lives naturally die or sometimes never even come into being- relationships, pets, dreams, jobs, family members, status, health, etc.  The more we cling to these things, the more we decay spiritually along with them.  We develop resentments, bitterness, anxieties, fears, depression, etc. if we fail to let go of that which has died or never was.   God cannot resurrect what we cling to.  We won't discover what new life or purpose God has in store for us if we don't let that which is already dead (or apparently so) die.  We cling for a variety of reasons: we don't want to walk through the grief, we don't trust new life will come,  we are afraid of the unknown, etc..  However, the story of God, of Jesus, the now "Cosmic Christ" urges us; "Trust,... see love blooming where death was!  Trust in the dark days that light will come, resurrection and life are beyond the pain, beyond the grave!  Trust,... take my hand, I will lead you along the way- I've been there and found Life beyond!"   

Consider this week:
What do I need to let die so new life can arise?

Babs May-Clark