Integrated Life: Openness and Receptivity

This past Sunday we continued our exploration of the integrated life.  During the month of May, we're looking at how openness and receptivity are crucial to developing an integrated life.  This week Sean looked at how emptiness is needed in order for receptivity to exist.   He explored how emptiness and fullness at first seem complete opposites. But in the spiritual life, they are not. In the spiritual life, we find the fulfillment of our deepest desires by becoming empty for God.  We must empty the cups of our lives completely to be able to receive the fullness of life from God (Matt. 10:39).  This emptying, however, isn't something we do readily.  We cling to the known and comfortable, even if it is painful. Unfortunately, that which is already full cannot receive or be open to anything new.

Sometimes saying less is more, so this week I invite you to prayerfully ponder this adaptation of a story that was shared on Sunday:
A seeker, wanting to be a student of a certain master, is invited to the master’s house.

The student rambles on about all his spiritual experience, his past teachers, his insights and skills, and his pet philosophies.  He then goes on to tell about his current issues, his past hurts and failures, and all that he has strived to do to improve himself.  The master listens silently and begins to pour a cup of tea.  He pours and pours, and when the cup is overflowing he keeps right on pouring.  Eventually, the student notices what’s going on and interrupts his monologue to say, “Stop pouring! The cup is full.”

The teacher says, “Yes, and so are you. How can I possibly teach you?

Consider this week:
"What's filling my cup?"

Babs May-Clark