Integrated Life: Shared Journey with God

       This past Sunday we continued our exploration of the integrated life.  During the month of June, we are looking at what it means to live a shared journey.  The integrated life was never meant to be lived in isolation.  It was meant to be shared.  Shared with God, our neighbors, our communities, and the world.  This week we looked at what it means to have a shared journey with God.  
        The image of the vine and branches that Jesus gives in John 15 provides an example of what the shared journey with God looks like.  Just as a vine and branch are intimately connected, so we also are intimately connected with God.  The life of the Vine (God) is shared with that of the branches (us).  Without a connection to the vine, the branch will die.  We will die also, albeit a little slower.  A life lived without connection (or awareness of that connection) to God will shrivel and die spiritually.  
      Jesus says, "Live in me.  Make your home in me just as I do in you" (vs. 4).  It is a beautiful invitation for the branch (us) to choose to live the shared journey with God.  It's like Jesus is saying, "God has already chosen to make his home in us.  It's a done deal."  He is already living, making His home, sharing His life and journey within each and every one of us!  Unfortunately, most of us live our days woefully unaware of this mind-blowing fact.  We walk around, living our lives, unaware (or asleep as some would say) that the very life of God is flowing in and through our lives.  The Spirit is inviting us to wake up!  Live!  Make a home with God - share the journey!

Consider this week:
How awake am I?

Babs May-Clark