The church 2000 years ago started in houses. People would eat together, share their stories together and flesh out how to live the life with God in their places of belonging: their families, neighborhoods and work places. They gathered together to be reminded that all of life is sacred. The people who make up the community of Journey choose to pursue life in this way.

We are made of different families, ethnicities, cultures, neighborhoods and work places. Our common bond is the desire to pursue the life with God in our own places of belonging.


We gather to empower each other towards tangibly living out the way of Jesus in everything we do and are.  We work for measurable change for all creation. Jesus asks us to follow him, he never says it will be easy, but he promises we will not be alone in the journey.


Our goal is to be a people who embody the gospel (God’s healing, restorative love) to those around us revealing the Kingdom of God.


Life is a journey of exploration, discovery and transformation. The community of Journey explores Faith, discovers Hope and is transformed by Love. Our commitment is to journey with folks as they navigate the realities (often difficult realities) of their lives.


At Journey we value a cyclical Spiritual formation process of:
Awareness: a willingness thru Contemplation to become aware of our true selves as we face our barriers to God
Receptivity: an openness and responsiveness toward God, guided by the Holy Spirit thru scripture, centering prayer, silence, solitude, other spiritual practices and community
Advocacy: living out our spirituality in our natural places of belonging, supporting others on their journey, and connecting with and serving those on the margins.